Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to Photography!

Just finished my refresher course on Lightroom including the updates of LR3 and I'm wondering if I'll ever need CS4 again. LR3 adds overall sharpening for printing and the ability to do basic contrast curves, which are pretty much the only things I was still doing in Photoshop. So, if I can master printing from Lightroom I think my CS4 may start collecting dust (can software do that?).

Unfortunately, my camera was at Nikon being fixed while we were on vacation in Missouri, so I don't have any pics from that trip that were shot in RAW format. But, Terry's taken a few around our condo in Cambridge. The one above is the one I worked with in class. If only we could have rearranged the nest so that branch wasn't in front of the Osprey's face!

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