Sunday, June 13, 2010

Westward Ho!

Just got back from a family trip to Osage Beach, Missouri. Not good for underwater photography, but great for fishing (my husband's first love). Unfortunately, we were there during a heat wave (heat index of 110 most of the days we were there). So, to get a break from the heat we toured several of the caves in the area. Our first cave was Meramec Caverns. Meramec has several unusual formations: the third largest stalagmite in the world, the largest ragonite formation in the world (see pic) and a "theater" curtain in a room large enough for concerts. The next cavern we toured was Bridal Cave which is advertised as one of the most scenic caves in the country. I'd have to agree. There were stunning formations around every turn. The cave got its name from the native wedding ceremonies that were performed there long before Europeans ventured into the cave. The final cave we toured was Ozark Caverns. This cave is run by the state of Missouri. All of the electric lights have been removed in order to protect the formation, so we toured by lantern light and I'm hooked on this type of lighting. The difficulies of taking photos under sporadic artificial light are completely eliminated.

I think I got some good shots and if they're good enough I'll be posting them on

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

After Glow

We survived our first gallery opening! Which is pretty good if you know what social butterflies Terry and I are not!!!

It's more nerve racking than I thought it would be to have our work on display and receive immediate feedback on it. At least it is for me, it doesn't seem to phase Terry, but then again, not much does.

We're now working on finalizing our photos for Chair-ity, a fundraising party in Cambridge, MD at the Main Street Gallery that benefits local art programs (particularly for children). I've been having a great time photoshopping a picture of one of my dolphin chairs (left) into underwater scenes and trying to think of iconic chair related things (like musical chairs) to photograph.

I recruited my grandnephews and grandnieces for a musical chairs picture, but my camera was on the fritz so I didn't get a good enough shot. But, my stepson somehow caught a star-nosed mole and managed to get it to stay on a small chair long enough for me to get a picture of it. My husband took a picture of a conference room table, so next on the agenda is creating our "Chair-mole of the Board" picture. Hope it turns out!
FYI - The opening for "Chair-ity" is July 9th and tickets for the opening are $25. I think they can be purchased from the Main Street Gallery, the Dorchester Center for the Arts or at the door.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So many things to report

Well after what seems like endless unpacking, we are finally moved and I'm getting back into working with and promoting our photography. I'm very excited to announce that HSWT Photography will be one of the artists featured at Easton, MD's newest art gallery, The Little Yellow Paint Brush, 10 West Dover St. Some of our latest Limited Edition photos will be on display and for sale.

We will also be displaying/selling some of our Limited Edition prints at the Cambridge Yacht Club in Cambridge MD starting next Monday. And, we've shut down our Etsy store and moved our on-line retail of Limited Edition prints to, where our work can be found by searching HSWT Photography (of coarse!) :).

And, we joined a great artist group called the Wednesday Morning Artists in Cambridge, MD. So, I guess I have a little bit of an excuse for not posting lately. I promise to keep up with this better now that we're settled in.