Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Framing Madness

Ok, so you decide that you're going to mat and frame all your own photos for your first juried art show. So you go out and by some mats and frames. Then you find out that your frames aren't standard sizes, your mats aren't archieval quality for colored photos, and your backing board isn't either. So, you find a supplier who can get you all the right materials and now all you need is a mat cutter, glass and more frames. Oh, and don't forget the acid free framers tape and double sided tape. Or, the blades for the mat cutter and the photo trimmer (cause you have to print the photos smaller than your sheets of premium glossy photo paper to leave a nice boarder for signatures). And, maybe you need a glass cutter too and btw, how are you going to hold your fabulous mats, photos and backing board in the frame. That's right you need a point driver too. And, you cross-fingers that all this stuff that you just spent a small fortune on will arrive in time for you to put it all together and hopefully sell some of your limited edition photos to cover the cost...
Wake me up when the show's over. :)

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