Friday, January 1, 2010

Not So Good

I keep working on the pics from our Bahama's trip and I think I've finally figured out why I'm not getting anywhere with them. They just aren't all that good. I blame the water. We've been spoiled by the clear waters of Grand Cayman, Belize and even Panama. The water in the Bahama has a cloudy look that is frankly depressing. Also, we're still getting used to the new cameras. Terry set his ISO to 800 and that created too much noise. I left mine on auto (I know, I know...) and for the few pics where the water is clear, the fish are just a little blurry. Think we're going to have to chalk this trip up to a learning experience.

So, I'm dreaming that we'll get back to Grand Cayman sometime soon where we'll have the luxury of editing pics as we take them so we can get the hang of the new cameras. Keep your fingers crossed that the airlines drop their prices for us!

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