Wednesday, November 25, 2009

About nine years ago while on a fishing trip to Walker's Key I talked my future husband, Terry, into trying snorkling. The water was choppy and we were on a dive boat with about ten divers and two other snorklers. When asked if we knew how to snorkel, I immediately said yes without thinking that this was his first time. Trooper that he is, he got out in the swells and immediately fell in love with snorkeling. We've been snorkeling ever since.

Soon we started getting interested in trying to photograph all the incredible fish, coral, sponges, rays and other creatures we were seeing. This blog is about our journey into the world of underwater photography. I think our journey is unique because we don't scuba, we free dive. We can't sit on the bottom and wait for interesting fish to come out of their hiding places. We have to literally swim them down. We are trying to capture the perfect image while our subjects are moving, the water is moving and we are moving. I hope you'll click the picture to see the results of our efforts in our etsy store. And, that you'll come back to hear more about our adventures as I discuss our photos and our process.

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